Professional Steam Hair Straightener Four-gear Hair Flat Iron Ceramic Heating Plate Hair Straightening Iron Styling Tool



Flat Iron Hair Straightener™ By ORKELAZA

- Experience the magic of Nanoceramics and Ionic Titanium, with precise heating.

- A quick and neat result, while preserving your hair.

- Longer lasting styles, perfect texture and hair without split ends!

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- The Flat Iron Hair Straightener™ is equipped with floating plates that adapt to each wick thickness, for better pressure from the root.  

- Straighten even the hardest and thickest hair, while obtaining a dream hairstyle and unique design.

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Suits all hair types:

- The Flat Iron Hair Straightener™ smoothens hair, leaving a silky feeling all day long.

- With static technology, there's no need to worry about over-heating.